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Avast is one of the most popular security software companies for computers. It is well-known for its high detection rate and has been ranked among the top antimalware programs in independent tests. The company was established in 1988 and has been in operation since. It provides a variety of antivirus software as well as other tools to safeguard your computer.

Avast’s newest version comes with a feature called Do Not Disturb Mode. This feature blocks notifications when you use applications in full-screen mode. The Do Not Disturb Mode is available on the Performance tab within the Avast main screen. It is possible to enable or deactivate it by checking the boxes.

When Do Not Disturb Mode is in effect When Do Not Disturb Mode is active, all Windows and Avast notifications will be blocked while you’re using any program on full screen. All notifications will be blocked for any application that you open in full-screen mode. You can also activate Do Not Disturb Mode which will stop notifications for the apps that you select.

This is a great feature for hackers and coders who work in a digital setting as it allows them to concentrate on their work and not be distracted by notifications from Avast or other applications. This allows them to look over the quarantined files without being interrupted by pop-ups or alerts. Click the Gaming icon on the plan tray to activate the Do Not disturb Mode feature. You can also manually enter the mode by using the ‘Silent/Gaming Mode button on the main Avast window.