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ESET is one of the top consumer antivirus applications around, thanks to its extremely thorough and effective malware scanning. The program does not come with a quick-scan option and is a bit draining on your CPU. It’s also less user-friendly than its competition. The full scans may take a long time to complete. In addition, scheduling the program to run daily full scans at night is a time-consuming process.

When the program is finished scanning, you’ll get the list of https://esetreviews.com/blog-ransomware-as-a-service threats that were found and their descriptions. You can decide to remove them or quarantine them. You can create a custom scanning profile to check specific folders or files. The program can run offline after the initial update of the module, however, internet connectivity is required to download updates and perform complete scan.

ESET’s main version offers a good variety of features at a reasonable price. There are numerous features, including a good anti-malware engine, advanced diagnosing tools, as well as Web protection. In addition, you get parental control, a secure web browser and a theft-prevention feature. Windows has a remote wiping tool for your smartphone.

The program comes with a few unique features like the ability to monitor running processes and cleaners that promise to restore Windows default settings following cleaning. There’s even an option to boot the SysRescue utility, which can assist in restoring your computer following the system has failed to start. The program comes with top-quality customer support via email and telephone.