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The solution is a data room an area that is secure where a startup can store important documents related to due diligence and control who has access to them. A data room could be a custom-built software that can allow granular permissions and expiring links. It can be something as simple as a shared Google Drive folder.

Investors are interested in your company and would like to know more about the team, your business model, your traction and your financials. A data room for investors will help speed up the process and help you close deals quicker. What is an investor dataroom and what should it contain?

For many years in the past, if a company was planning to purchase another business, the acquiring company would require access to historical and financial documents for the company. Those documents were typically stored in a vault and people crucial to decision-making would visit the room to look them over. Today, investors do much of the same job to determine whether they should invest in a venture, and they need access to the same types of documents.

The most effective investor data rooms are arranged in a manner that makes it easy for investors to browse and comprehend the information. You will also want to ensure that the information you provide is pertinent and doesn’t contradict itself. A well-organized data space prepared before the first fundraising discussion will also allow the process to run more efficiently.