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The Health Equity Cluster at IPH Bengaluru is now the secretariat for the newly launched Health Equity Network India (HENI) and is pleased to announce the twelfth webinar in the Equilogues series in March 2019. Do block your calendar for this date and come join us in an engaging conversation on health inequities in India.

Theme: Introduction to health equity and how to address it in systematic reviews

Summary of the talk: The webinar will provide concepts of health equity, and its relation to social determinants of health. The need to look at health inequity beyond a ‘Rich-Poor’ Gap, using PROGRESS-Plus dimensions in systematic reviews, will be discussed. The concepts of using equity in knowledge translation efforts such as evidence summary and policy briefs will also be explained.

About the Speaker:

Denny John is an Evidence Synthesis Specialist at Campbell Collaboration, New Delhi. His research interests are broadly in the interaction and interface between nation’s health systems, health financing, and health program implementation, and manifests around four areas; economic evaluation, evidence synthesis, health financing and implementation research. He is an Associate Editor with Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation, International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care (IJTAHC), and BMC Public Health journals.


Denny John



Evidence Synthesis Specialist at Campbell Collaboration, New Delhi




4.00 pm – 5.00 pm