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If you’re looking to secure your privacy when shopping online or unblock streaming content, virtual private networks are in a flurry. However, not all are to be the same. Many providers promise high-speed connectivity and top security features but don’t deliver, whereas others are expensive or hard to use. Which one should you pick?

A VPN is a secure way to transfer data and routes it through a secure, encrypted server. It creates the illusion that the data originates from a different place. This protects you from cyber-criminals, while allowing you to access more content.

The best VPNs are easy to install and use. They come with intuitive clear and easy-to-use apps for a variety of devices. Some even come with no-cost plans or unlimited data with their paid plans. But most limit speed or the number of devices you can connect to at one time.

Top performers include NordVPN, PrivateVPN and ExpressVPN. NordVPN has a broad range of servers and provides fast reliable connections. It is also focused on security by implementing a no-logging policy and an advanced encryption policy.

PrivateVPN offers a fast, reliable service that has a large number of servers. It also has excellent security features. It comes with 256-bit AES encryption along with a kill switch, as well as leak protection. It supports various protocols, including OpenVPN IKEv2 L2TP/IPsec.

The reasonable prices and strong security make it the top choice for families and companies. It boasts a vast network of servers, and it has passed our geoblocking tests, streaming tests and gaming test without difficulty. It comes with cutting-edge features like MultiHop and Nexus that add extra layers of security to your internet connection.