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Board portals are an excellent way to improve governance in organizations of all sizes. From an This Site centralized hub that facilitates meetings, documents and communications to the secure transfer of sensitive information, they let board members stay focusing on strategic decisions rather than petty logistics.

A solid board management system can help you streamline meeting agendas, document distribution, and more, whether your organization is a charity, public company or a global corporation. One of the most important features is the ability to distribute updates and revisions instantly and in real-time, regardless of the location of directors. Directors are able to access and view materials from any device.

This can help avoid the hassles and costs of the physical delivery of documents that could be lost or become outdated in a short time. Modern board portals offer a host of other features that boost member participation, such as action items being linked to agenda items, and the ability to allow members to vote online during meetings.

The best board portals are user-friendly for everyone, regardless of their level of tech knowledge. They will also adapt as you meet your governance needs. Ask your vendor how they can help their clients including ongoing remote education and an individual point of contact to assist with password resets. You should also inquire what kind of start-up fees they charge, and how much they charge for extra committees and administrators, and their data storage policies.