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A good project management tool can assist you in closing deals faster. The most effective tools combine an intuitive interface, user-friendly Gantt charts, reporting features, as well as other tools that facilitate collaboration and planning. They also allow users to track time and create an outline of projects. Some also offer integrated invoicing features to make the billing process as well as ensure accurate invoices.

The first step in choosing the right tool for managing your project is to determine your requirements and team size. Utilize a list of features that are crucial, such as Gantt Charts and agile capabilities, to eliminate the options that do not meet your needs. Then, search for demos and trial periods to experience the software. This will help you avoid getting distracted by flashy demos, or a stunning UI, and give you an idea of whether the program matches your workflow.

Basecamp is among the most well-known tools for managing projects in teams. It offers a simple, minimalistic interface and a simple user interface. Its powerful features, such as Gantt charts, and reporting functions make it an ideal choice for teams of all size. Another option is Adobe Workfront which is a powerful option for large-scale teams and comes with numerous capabilities. The Gantt Chart feature is particularly powerful, but it comes with a cost.

GanttPRO, a different great software for managing projects in teams which place a lot of emphasis on workflow automation is a fantastic tool. Its user-friendly interface and a variety of beneficial features earn it a spot on this list, but it is important to note that its integrations aren’t as comprehensive as those of other solutions. It’s also more expensive than the other options on this page However, it offers excellent customer service and a free trial.