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HENI Equilogues – Equitable health systems for building a just and fairer world: In conversation with Dr Sulakshana Nandi and Dr T Sundararaman

Health Equity Network India (HENI) is pleased to announce its 17th Equilogues inviting Dr T Sundararaman and Dr Sulakshana Nandi from the People’s Health Movement (PHM) to join us for a discussion on the theme of equitable health systems. The COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented crisis in the 21st century that has led to millions of deaths globally, people being pushed into extreme poverty from livelihood loss, and has left health systems across the world strained. The devastation cannot be undone but as we rekindle hope, making our personal and collective recoveries has meant strengthening the space for collective reflections and advocacy on urgent actions towards building health systems that are equitable and serves to create a just and fairer world.

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