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The Health Equity Cluster at IPH Bengaluru is now the secretariat for the newly launched Health Equity Network India (HENI) and is pleased to announce the eleventh webinar in the Equilogues series in January 2019. Do block your calendar for this date and come join us in an engaging conversation on health inequities in India.

Theme: Inclusion of minorities in public services in India

Summary of the talk: Upendra Bhojani at the Institute of Public Health(Bengaluru) led the India part of a multi-country collaborative project that aimed at building local network of researchers/practitioners/policymakers that can address social inclusion of ethnic and religious minorities in public services. Drawing on the findings from a scoping review of literature and a series of stakeholders consultations in Karnataka, he will briefly highlight the role of inclusive policies (esp in areas of education, health, governance, employment) in enhancing inclusion of minorities as well as gaps in our knowledge.

About the Speaker:

Upendra Bhojani is a Faculty and Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance Intermediate Fellow at the Institute of Public health, Bengaluru (IPH). He graduated as a dentist and did his postgraduate and doctoral degree in public health. He has been with IPH for over 10 years now and currently leads a Cluster on Chronic Health Conditions and Public Policy. His research and advocacy interests include non-communicable diseases, tobacco control, intersectoral actions for healthhealth equity and governance.



Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru




11.00 Am – 12.00 pm