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If you’re an expert in business development, drumming up new opportunities, or you’re an PE company that is focused on managing relationships and pipelines of portfolio companies already in place, keeping in mind all the individuals, companies, and activity in your network is vital to healthy deal flow management. Utilizing a simple Rolodex or Excel spreadsheet isn’t www.vdrconsulting.org/what-is-the-process-of-going-paperless-with-vdr/ enough for rapid-moving PE firms. Instead, you require an application that centralizes communications and relationship information, making it easy to access and turn day-today activities into valuable intelligence.

AI-driven strategies can help you create value for your portfolio of companies by helping you make those important connections to the most relevant professionals within your network. For example, a CRM that is intelligent will detect contacts with whom you share a contact and suggest a meeting.

Another thing to look out for in the software that is used for private equity is an analytics tool that provides insights into important metrics, such as the performance of the portfolio and trends over time. This will help you find potential investment opportunities, make better decisions or identify risks by running simulations using historical or current data.

Additionally, a private equity CRM must provide assistance for due diligence with a complete overview of IT, legal, operational, and financial information for each investment firm or project. This can be accomplished by linking your software to third-party solutions that have the data you need in your reach. It also helps streamline the process by creating reports automatically. This will save you time and money.