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Online board meetings demand the same level of participation as the offline ones, and it can prove difficult to determine ways to energize these meetings. Start by ensuring that your virtual boardroom has reliable video communications, clear protocols for communication, and adequate meeting resources. From there you can establish efficient protocols to guide participants through the online meeting process and help participants to participate in productive discussion.

Make sure that each item on the agenda is accompanied by a goal for the conversation like “decide a specific action item” or to “spark new ideas.” This will allow you to get away from the topic at hand as soon your desired result has been reached and avoid overstaying your welcome. Additionally, setting the time limit for each discussion point can help keep the meeting from going on for too long.

Begin with the most important issues on your agenda. When you are in person for board meetings it is possible to pick up on body language cues that indicate the other members have something important to say. These signals are harder to recognize during remote meetings. Begin with the most important topics to ensure that everyone is fully engaged in the discussion and feels their time was well spent.

Use a consent agenda to free time for more controversial discussions that might not have as much of an impact on the organisation. Agenda items that aren’t controversial can be voted on by all members prior to when the meeting begins, so that you can https://boardmanagementsoftware.info/how-can-online-meetings-be-productive concentrate on what is most important. Additionally, you can invite expert guests to provide short presentations or insights that broaden the board’s perspective and ward off boardroom groupthink.