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There are a myriad of aspects to consider when it comes time to conduct due diligence. The most important is the possibility of accessing documents from central locations, so that interested parties can review the documents at their own convenience. A virtual dataroom is an excellent solution for this. It also assists in reducing the cost of storage, printing and courier services that are required if physical files were to be sent.

If you’re choosing a service provider, be sure they provide a trial period to allow you to try the system out before signing any contracts. You will be able to test the system and observe how it is simple to navigate. Also, make sure whether they offer 24/7 support via email and telephone. A good company will offer support in a variety of languages to make the process easier for international customers.

Another factor to consider is how easy it is to upload and download files. Most services allow drag-and-drop multiple files to upload at once. This makes the process much quicker and eliminates the need to upload each document separately. They also provide granular controls for permissions, as well as the option to revoke a document’s access even if the document has already been downloaded.

Additionally, you should look for a vendor that offers an interactive Q&A feature which allows users to ask questions and receive answers from other users in real-time. This helps to accelerate the process of due diligence and it can also help you close deals faster by solving any issues your clients may have.