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Antivirus software is an essential layer of protection to your devices as well as your privacy online. They scan files, block cyberattacks and help you prevent malware infections, such as ransomware and phishing. However, not all antivirus programs are all created equal and some are more expensive than others. While free alternatives can be an effective solution for those who are on a tight budget, investing in a program that offers comprehensive features and extra security tools is a better option for those who want to have the most advanced security.

A majority of the top antivirus companies provide multi-device plans for a reasonable prices that cover a range of operating systems and platforms that include Windows, MacOS and Android. Some even provide 60 days of risk-free money-back guarantee. Paid antivirus software is also designed to detect new threats and block them when they become apparent. This helps ensure your devices are secure in real-time. But, certain antivirus programs could be prone to annoying advertisements and sluggish computers and have been discovered to sell user data to third parties.

A few of the top free anti-virus programs come with additional features that can enhance your digital safety like a VPN or password manager. If you’re looking for more advanced features such as parental control and identity theft protection, opt for a paid option with a yearly plan that gives you peace of mind. These programs are a bit more expensive than the free versions but they’re worth it since they come with premium security features. A few of the top paid Mac antivirus programs offer a money-back guarantee or a trial period for free which allows you to try them out before investing.