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We have supported student research in the form of field grants to students pursuing Master of Public Health (MPH) at AMCHSS. Eight students have received fled grants so far:

  1. Chitra C (2017) – Physical and Social Environment and their effect on the health and well-being of lower limb amputees: An Exploratory study.
  2. Dr. Ashish R Barbde (2017) – Depression and its related factors among small and marginal farmers in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra.
  3. Sajitha S (2016) – Menopause related symptoms and their correlates : A community based cross sectional study in Kollam district.
  4. Dr. Dhanashri Bagal (2016) – Tuberculosis Mortality and Risk factors for death in newly diagnoised TB patients with tuberculosis registered under RNTCP in Bilaspur district, Chhattisgarh.
  5. Dr.Vikram K Sahane (2015)- Health care seeking behavior for stroke in rural Gadchiroli, Maharashtra: an exploratory study using qualitative methods
  6. Sumitha T S (2015) – Individual and social-environmental level protective factors for institutionalized adolescents’ mental health: a study among adolescents in childrens’ homes under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme, Kerala.
  7. Bevin Vinay Kumar (2014) – Access to health care among under five children in the Banjara community, Karnataka
  8. Tijo George (2014) – Prevalence of potentially malignant oral disorders: a comparative study among interstate migrant labourers and general population in Kochi corporation