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ESET offers a range of plans for Windows, macOS and Android. There’s a no-cost plan that’s ideal for basic security, whereas the more expensive plans include features like parental controls and password management and data encryption. The most expensive plans include gaming mode that blocks unauthorized access to the hardware of your computer while you are playing.

Installation is simple and fast. It doesn’t overwhelm your system with bloatware neither. There are a few additional settings to fiddle with but the majority of tools and features are labeled on the interface’s left-hand sidebar.

Connected Home monitor is a new feature that displays a graphic representation of all devices that are connected to your network. It can also be used to identify vulnerabilities, such as open ports and weak router passwords.

Another notable feature is a pop-up which appears every time you insert the USB storage device. You can scan the drive right away, or set it to scan on a regular basis. If you don’t want to scan the entire drive, you may perform an on-demand scan.

Advanced users will appreciate being able to control how and what the suite is being scanned. You can choose the number of files and folders that the program should check, as well as specific items such as networks and boot sectors. You can specify how deeply the program should scan archives, if you want to block certain types of files.