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One of the most important steps that business owners should take is to have an understanding about the value of their company. There are many different valuation models that you can use to determine the value of your business. However each model needs a different amount of information, based on the available data.

For instance, the market-based valuation method is based on looking at similar companies to get a sense of what they are valued at, and then using that figure to estimate your own company’s worth. It’s a simple, but efficient method. However it can be difficult when there aren’t many comparable businesses.

Another approach is to use a multiplication valuation model, which calculates your company’s value by comparing it with similar companies in the same industry that were acquired or sold recently. While this is a great benchmark, it can also become outdated fast as the market’s conditions change frequently.

The asset-based method is a bottom-up analysis that takes your business’s physical assets, like inventories, equipment patents, property and other assets to determine its total value. This is an effective valuation technique that you can employ if your company has lots of assets, but no profit.