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AMD is a leading company in the world of processors, offering products that are powerful, energy efficient and cost-effective. This makes them an excellent option for anyone who wants to build a brand new PC, including gamers as well as content creators and power users. They have a wide selection of processors that are suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from entry-level desktop computers to top-of-the-line gaming and professional workstations.

Performance: AMD processors offer faster processing and multitasking compared to Intel models which makes them an excellent option for office work, editing videos, and more. They also have improved thermal management to stop overheating, which could damage the chip and cut down on its lifespan.

Overclocking AMD processors is easy and lets users maximize the performance of their system. However, they tend to run hotter than Intel processors when overclocked therefore you’ll need a cooler and thermal compound.

Affordable: AMD processors offer a more affordable alternative to their Intel counterparts. This is why they are a popular option for consumers who are budget conscious and system builders. In addition, they provide better performance than many of the older models on the market, meaning you can upgrade your computer with higher-end models without breaking the bank.

Tech Leadership and Innovation Under the direction of CEO Lisa Su, AMD has made significant progress in its business strategy and product line-up. AMD has focused on strategic partnerships, new products and increasing revenue and market shares.

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