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The purpose of this webportal is to create a network of the researchers, academics, activists, policy makers, students and other scholars who are interested in health equity issues.  Certain resources from this webportal are available only for the registered users, eventhough there are ample number of free content that would be available for everyone.  The registration in the site is totally free; the only requisite being availability of a valid email id.  

Registered users shall have the option (not activated presently) to receive email updates on health equity reserach at regular intervals.  In addition, they can avail the online tutorials (through moodle learning management software), web conference facilities (through open meeting software), Open Data Kit (ODK) interface and discussion forums.   We shall be encouraging registered users to share their basic contact details with others in the network to foster interaction.  


Discussion forums

1. Healthcare of tribal people.
       Should we intervene for leave them to continue with their own means?

2.  Self-financing collages widen equity gap in Kerala.

3.  Health of terminally ill patients
       How responsive is our heathcare services towards the needs of the terminally ill patients.


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